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Read First the Rules to Make Post

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Read First the Rules to Make Post

Post by KrZz* on Fri Aug 16, 2013 4:33 am

Your topic name must include the player's name.
You cannot accuse someone without valid proof. Post a video link or upload a screenshot.
If you upload a screenshot or more, make sure you're not mistaken by somebody's sarcasm. There's a difference between yelling out "I wallhack!" in the main chat than seeing somebody rather unknown explaining to you through /tell how to install and use GNA. Even if this doesn't prove HIM cheating we are still 100% against any support of cheats, so that includes anyone just explaining how it works.
You may also post caught hackers from other servers to let us know about them in case they ever visit our server.

It's not a must, but it would look better if you used this format:

[b]Player:[/b] (The name of the hacker) [b]Proof:[/b] (Video- or screenshot links) [b]Caught by:[/b] (Post the name of the person who caught the hacker) [b]Comment:[/b] (This is optional if you wish to add a note or comment) wrote:


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